Save up to 15% fuel and improve performance

Fuel costs are rapidly increasing, and there’s no miracle cure or device which can save your pocket or our planet.  But when you have an economy software upgrade you’ll be able to see a substantial fuel saving.  And let’s face it, every penny counts these days!

Realistically, most turbo vehicle owners can expect a 10 – 15% saving on their fuel bill from the software upgrade alone.  When combined with a possible change of driving style, you could take full advantage of the extra torque and driveability whilst saving money too.

We provide you with a means to save fuel, and our customers report good savings on virtually every journey.  On the other hand, if you use the extra power to drive hard with added acceleration or speed, the savings will be minimal.  But you’ll have had fun in the process!

Even a minimal saving of 10% will soon add up, especially if you’re a commercial driver covering high mileage.  In many instances, the software upgrade pays for itself very quickly.

If your vehicle is not included on our list, please contact us.  It is likely we will still have software options for you.

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